Public Meeting – Bromyard !

Poster for Public Meeting, Bromyard, March 8thFor a download pdf of this poster go here

What does it take to get people out of their comfort zone ? When I designed this poster I was looking for an image which conveyed that sense of desperation you get when each tankful costs more than the last.

The red line in the image is wage inflation, the black line is the retail price of heating oil; both indexed at same point in 1987. If you live in rural Herefordshire and you are in work, you may well still be in fuel poverty

That was before Iran decided to go public on its Nuclear capability, the EU imposed a ban on imports of Iranian oil/ the Ayatollahs imposed an embargo on oil supplies to Europe; depending on who’s story you credit ! The next few weeks will see the global oil markets shifting to make new supply chains as Iranian oil goes to China and the South. Watch out for increasing pressure on EU to accept North American oil from tar sands – the most destructive and wasteful form of oil extraction imaginable.

Canadian oil sands extraction

Extraction of oil from tar sands, Canada




Public Meeting – Bromyard ! — 3 Comments

  1. Things are moving fast between local action and the changing FiTs regime. It is predicted ( with good evidence) that community PV like Leominster will be impossible after June this year due to FiT reductions. With this in mind, and knowing that several suitable locations have been identified around the city of Hereford, there is an urgent call for founder directors for a new project co-op to come forward.
    All that is needed today is a few moments of time to read and sign a set of application forms to go the FSA to create the new legal body; even the cash to pay the fee is covered by Sharenergy. Here are Sharenergy’s comments

    At the meeting last week to talk about installing solar on a number of private homes under a co-operative model, it was agreed that whilst the group was working out the tricky issues involved in making a project like this work, it was important to press ahead with a known and viable model – eg the Leominster style, large community solar roof.

    My LEAF funded work has identified several potential roofs in Herefordshire, some of which don’t have an active community group involved. However, to run a share issue, you need to have the legal entity in place to run the offer and own the project. It usually takes the FSA about 1 month to register a co-op. Jon shared the details of the gantt chart which shows that if a co-op is not registered now, it will be impossible to install before 30th June – the government’s latest cut-off for solar FITS. After this time the FIT will drop so regularly and so dramatically that drops in panel price and installation price cannot hope to keep up. It will therefore be unviable.

    The group showed real support in the meeting for Pete’s proposal to act now with what’s possible. Hence Pete’s request for people from that group (or others on the HITA network who want to be involved) to get in touch. What we need is 3 directors and 1 company secretary. So far one person has come back willing to be involved, so I will follow that up.

    If this sounds like something you would like to engage with, risk free introduction to co-op formation and working! please email Sharenergy

  2. Well done Bromyard for a good turn out; and many thanks to out hosts at the Falcon and to Jim for making it happen.
    Next steps…

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